Since its establishment, the ISFCOE and its predecessor SFI have successfully delivered a broad suite of initiatives across all Irish Sustainable Finance Roadmap goals – namely in Talent Development, Industry Readiness, Leveraging Digital, Enabling Environment and Promotional Activities.

Sustainable Finance Roadmap

We developed Ireland’s 2021 Sustainable Finance Roadmap and are responsible for its delivery. It was updated in 2023.


We lead and co-ordinate a wide variety of research. Recently covering the skills gap, nature finance and net-zero transition. In 2023 alone we produced 8 world-leading research pieces.

Climate Finance Week

Hosted Climate Finance Weeks 2018-2023, the most recent of which was attended by 11,500 people with 8 million online impressions.

Widespread upskilling

Funded participation in 30+ training courses on sustainable subject areas which were attended by 3,000+ professionals in 1000 companies. Created bespoke pieces of training for specific organisational needs.

TCFD Rollout

Created and led the programme for the uptake of TCFD in Ireland, which is now used by 40+ organisations, recognised internationally as best in practice alongside Japan and Mexico.

International Leadership

Shared best practice on TCFD rollout with other jurisdictions. Also share best practice from our experience with rolling out the Sustainable Finance Skillnet and the Irish Sustainable Finance Roadmap Process. Support the growth of international initiatives however we can

World-firsts in sustainable finance training

Developed a world-first diploma in Sustainable Finance for Compliance Professionals, with other world-leading courses in reporting and fintech.

Fintech Strategy

Developed and released a Sustainable Finance Fintech Strategy, one of the first jurisdictions in the world to do so.

Leadership Insightful Series

Hosted and coordinated roundtable sessions with IFRS, UNDP and US Deputy Special Climate Envoy

Government Support

We provide support for the Central Bank of Ireland Climate Action Forum.

Communities of Practice

We manage communities of practice focused on climate reporting, net-zero transition as well as biodiversity and social issues.

Biodiversity Finance Leadership

Published one of the first research outputs into biodiversity finance in Ireland in 2023.