The Evolving Landscape of Sustainable Finance in Ireland: Legal, Regulatory and Market Insights 

Matheson and ISFCOE

The Evolving Landscape of Sustainable Finance in Ireland: Legal, Regulatory and Market Insights 

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The legal, regulatory, and market aspects of sustainable finance are pivotal in driving the transition towards a more sustainable global economy. Legal and regulatory frameworks provide the necessary guidelines and standards that ensure transparency, accountability, and consistency in sustainable finance practices. They help mitigate risks associated with greenwashing and ensure that financial activities genuinely contribute to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. Market mechanisms, on the other hand, play a crucial role in mobilizing capital towards sustainable projects, fostering innovation, and encouraging the development of green financial products. Together, these elements create a robust ecosystem that not only promotes sustainable investments but also ensures their long-term viability and impact. By harmonizing legal regulations and market dynamics, we can achieve a more resilient and sustainable financial system that supports global efforts to combat climate change and promote sustainable development.

Recognizing the critical nature of this topic, the International Sustainable Finance Centre of Excellence (ISFCOE) and Matheson LLP are convening experts for a panel discussion on, “The Evolving Landscape of Sustainable Finance in Ireland: Legal, Regulatory and Market Insights” on July 10, 2024 at Euronext, Dublin. This event coincides with the launch of our two research reports – The first one is the “Sustainable Finance Legal and Regulatory Report”. This first report is commissioned by the International Sustainable Finance Centre of Excellence (ISFCOE) with support from Skillnet Ireland and authored by Matheson LLP. The research informs the update of Ireland’s Sustainable Finance Roadmap and assesses and present progress from the report, “Ireland as a Global Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Finance – Legal and Regulatory Report” commissioned in 2021. his report provides an overview of the global legal and regulatory landscape, updates on European and Irish developments since the 2021 Report, and outlines pending and potential future developments in sustainable finance. It further examines the opportunities and challenges for Ireland and concludes by highlighting progress made on the 2021 recommendations, identifying the next steps, and detailing further implementation efforts to enhance Ireland’s leadership in sustainable finance.

The second report is the Sustainable Finance Market Study 2024.  This report was commissioned by ISFCOE with support from Skillnet Ireland and authored by KPMG Strategy, Ireland. In this report, we take stock of the state of play for sustainable finance within an Irish market context, reflecting on progress to date, current challenges, and potential future direction, leveraging a sector-wide survey and other research. Alongside this report, a new dashboard will be launched of key industry metrics allowing data-driven tracking of progress against objectives and targets. It will offer insights into recent regulatory developments, the ESG integration into the sustainable investment approach, and the key emerging topics in the sustainable investment market, and the study will cover emerging themes such as biodiversity, gender lens investing, and net zero alliances and commitments. The report and dashboard are developed in line with a common set of indicators that were validated and supplemented through survey and discussions with expert stakeholders.

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