Irish TCFD support campaign

This campaign aims to increase Irish support of TCFD and enhance the levels of climate-related reporting and disclosures in Ireland.  The Irish TCFD Campaign is supported by Sustainable Finance Skillnet and is an output of Action 4 from Ireland’s Sustainable Finance Roadmap to build capacity and reporting in disclosures. We work closely with the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) to develop bespoke training focused on TCFD and climate-related reporting more generally. More information about the TCFD recommendations and how they can be implemented can be found here.

Key elements of the campaign include standalone training and a longer-term capacity building programme developed with the UNEP FI and delivered in conjunction with Skillnet Ireland. 

The Irish TCFD campaign was underpinned by a comprehensive training programme. The first session focused on TCFD was delivered virtually in July 2021 by the team at the UNEP FI. These sessions focused on how firms could identify, assess, manage, and disclose their climate risks and opportunities. Through interactive discussions and examples, participants gained a better understanding of industry-leading practices around climate disclosures. 

To view these sessions please see below 

TCFD and climate risk best practices

TCFD – Implementation and reporting


This capacity building programme is a module-based training plan, which will break down the recommendations in more detail, with one session taking place every 2 months over an 8-month period. With this group we are building a community of practice, using best in class examples, and best in class training to benefit both new and established reporters. The first session of this programme took place during Climate Finance Week Ireland 2021 (CFWI 21), which ran from the 11th-15th October 2021.

These sessions were designed to answer and address practical questions regarding TCFD implementation. They will include hands-on engagement with Irish institutions to explore data gaps, climate scenarios, assessment methodologies, and governance structures. Peer institutions will be able to discuss their challenges and learn from others who have already made TCFD disclosures.

Irish TCFD Supporters webinar

In June 2021 we held a high-level webinar for Irish TCFD campaign supporters (new and existing) to demonstrate the why of TCFD, hearing different perspectives from a founder, from an EU viewpoint and from an established supporter. To view each speaker’s contributions please see below videos:

During CFWI 2021 we held a supporter’s event highlighting the Irish support of the TCFD recommendations, demonstrating overall impact, new supporters of the TCFD announced as part of this overall Irish collective. The Irish TCFD Training Programme has now been completed as of June 2022 and members are being supported on an individual basis.

TCFD in Action


Sustainable Finance Ireland are working to advance the Sustainable Finance agenda at home & abroad through Ireland’s Sustainable Finance Roadmap Action 4 to build capacity and best practice. We conducted several case studies with our business partners to see how TCFD is applied in practice across industry. Read about their experience of engaging with the Irish Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures TCFD campaign below:

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