Report Key Findings – Part Two: Methodological Issues

Our new report ‘Charting the Course: Insights into Ireland’s Sustainable Finance, ESG Reporting, and Disclosure Landscape’ reveals that institutions are often faced with the task of reconciling differences between global benchmarks, striving to create reports that resonate across multiple regulatory fronts.

How can we best support financial institutions facing methodological issues? 


  • Inter-Institutional Collaborative Frameworks: Foster platforms for Irish financial bodies to collaborate, ensuring that while adhering to global standards, the unique intricacies of Irish financial paradigms are not lost.
  • Benchmarking and Feedback Loops: Regularly contrast reports against global sustainability standards. Encourage feedback, fostering a continuous improvement cycle. 
  • Expert-Led Workshops: Establish ongoing training sessions where international and local reporting experts share insights, trends, and best practices.

Scope Definition

  • Holistic Energy Portfolio Analyses: Partner with academic and industry experts to get a granular understanding of Ireland’s renewable energy landscape, factoring in local strengths and limitations. 
  • Multi-Stakeholder Deliberations: Convene roundtables with policymakers, energy experts, and investors, jointly carving out a strategic vision for sustainable investments. 
  • Customised Investment Directives: Design investment matrices that consider Ireland’s socioeconomic fabric, emphasising projects that resonate with local needs while aligning with sustainability goals.