Report Key Findings – Part Three: Integration with Financial Reporting

Our new report ‘Charting the Course: Insights into Ireland’s Sustainable Finance, ESG Reporting, and Disclosure Landscape’ reveals that Irish Financial Institutions face the challenge of harmonising ESG disclosures with existing financial reporting frameworks. 

How can we best support financial institutions as they navigate the incorporation of ESG in their financial reports? 

  • Customised Reporting Timelines: Tailor reporting timelines to align with Ireland’s financial reporting cycles. Collaborate with regulators and industry peers to establish clear deadlines for integrating ESG disclosures, ensuring a smooth transition. 
  • Digital Data Integration: Invest in cloud-based digital platforms specifically designed to facilitate seamless integration of ESG data into financial reports. These platforms should offer real-time data synchronisation capabilities to meet reporting cycle requirements. 
  • Dedicated Reporting Teams: Form dedicated crossfunctional teams comprising data analysts, sustainability experts, and financial reporting specialists. These teams should work collaboratively to ensure timely and accurate alignment of ESG disclosures with financial reporting. 
  • Regulatory Technology (RegTech) Adoption: Embrace RegTech solutions tailored to Irish financial institutions. These tools can automate the monitoring of regulatory changes related to sustainability reporting, enabling proactive adjustments to reporting cycles as per the roadmap’s recommendations.