Ireland's Sustainable Finance Fintech Strategy

Overseen by the ISFCOE and the Fintech and Payments association of Ireland, the Sustainable Finance Fintech Strategy has been developed in collaboration with stakeholders across financial services, fintech, academia and government in order to leverage Ireland’s existing strength in financial technology to support the transition to a more sustainable economy.

Delivery of this Strategy falls under Pillar 3 of the Irish Sustainable Finance Roadmap – ‘Leveraging Digital’ – which focuses on the application of digital solutions to the ESG data and risk management challenges.

In welcoming the launch of the Sustainable Finance Fintech Strategy, Minister of State at the Department of Finance, Sean Fleming said, “Fintech and Sustainable Finance are key themes in the updated Ireland for Finance Strategy, which I launched this year. Our plan is to create 5,000 net new jobs in the international financial services sector by the end of 2026.

The strategy focuses on 10 actions under 5 pillars – Nurturing the Ecosystem, Enabling Environment, Capability and Talent, Access to Capital and Data.

Chair of the Fintech and Payments Association of Ireland, Ruth McCarthy said, “Collaboration is key when it comes to progressing the sustainable finance agenda within the fintech sector.

I am delighted to see the hard work that the Irish fintech industry put in to devising and developing this strategy now bearing fruit and enabling it to map out its response to sustainability demands.”


Speaking about the launch of the Strategy, Sustainable Finance Ireland Programme Director Colette Coogan said, “Following the framework offered by the Irish Sustainable Finance Roadmap, the Fintech strategy outlines five key pillars through which the fintech sector can develop a comprehensive response to sustainability demands. The Strategy has been designed to support collaboration between financial services and fintech to help Ireland achieve its ambition to become a leading sustainable finance centre by 2025.”

For more information about Ireland’s Sustainable Finance Fintech Strategy, click here.